Just Breath: Following Intuition


Hello my witchlings and wizardlings (those are totally titles, right? Totally.)! It’s been a while but that’s because my mundane life has been…well…kinda crazy! So crazy in fact that magic and meditation had to take a backseat! And you know what? That’s okay.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s to not beat myself up if I slack off in the magic department. Not because I’m disrespectful to it or don’t cherish it, but because the gods understand. We’re human. Life happens. Sometimes if your house is on fire you gotta leave the shrine to Ganesh behind, you know? They’re not gonna get mad at you for not saving a statue!

Just like they won’t get mad at you for not celebrating every holiday or observe every Full Moon. Breath. It’s okay. Zeus won’t strike you with a lightening bolt.


Okay HE might, but others won’t, I promise!

But the thing I always listen to (or try to) 24/7 is my intuition, and by doing that I live a magical life even if I don’t get to do some of the bigger stuff. Tonight for some reason (but there’s always a reason, right?), my intuition pulled my attention to chakras. Probably because I need cleansing and to balance myself out! Hey I’m a cusp sign, what can I say?




While the path I chose doesn’t often cross over into Hinduism or Buddhism for that matter, I do believe in chakras (not that I don’t believe Hinduism or Buddhism isn’t real! It’s just not a path I pursue in my craft.). But apparently somewhere in me something is out of alignment or blocked. And the moment I realized I need to make a space to meditate and clear my chakras I suddenly felt calm. Centered. Magically grounded and aware in a way I haven’t felt in months!

So while you may feel bad if you missed a major holiday, or aren’t meditating everyday, or not pulling tarot cards every day because life is just gogogooo, that’s okay. Life happens. There are a million little ways you can keep magic in your life during the times that you can’t be that magical. Here are a few ideas for you!

1) Keep your altar (if you can) In a place you can see it so you can at least give it a nod before rushing off.

2) Sage (or use a cleansing mister) your house every once in a while

3) Keep some quartz in a bowl in your living room to keep the energy up

4) Ring a bell to clear the air

5) if you’re making food pause for a moment and put some loving energy into it (even if you’re just warming up frozen pizza for dinner!) so that others can have some love!

6) Follow any gut instincts you have



Wednesday Meditation: Communication

Doing these daily intents semi-meditations has been amazing. I’ve noticed a huge leaps and bonds difference in my ability to see/hear messages from spirit guides and higher beings.

After yesterday’s incredible meditation, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be getting a repeat–especially since I only had five minutes to do the light meditation! One of the themes that is good for practicing today is Communication. So I lit my purple candle, some lavender incense, and got down to business!

My focus was specifically communication when it came to writing and being able to clearly write what I needed, so that when I wrote my book it came out well and I could communicate my imagination clearly and well onto paper. About three seconds after I’d completed the thought the smoke from the incense suddenly shuddered and wavered (in an airless room. No fans, no open window) and the trailing end of it took on a very very decidedly ‘word’ shape. It looked like it was writing in cursive, with loops and everything to denote ‘y’s and ‘p’s and ‘g’s.

I couldn’t read the words, but I read the message: They were going to help me! Talk about clear communication huh!?

I hope today you’re able to find the words you’re looking for–that you’re able to clearly communicate your feelings and thoughts, whether on paper or in conversation! Blessed Be!

Tuesday Intent: Courage

Tonight I meditated, and the theme I wanted to focus on was courage. Courage is something that is hard to have, especially in face of adversity or challenging times. You want to give up. You want to hide in your bed and pretend the problem didn’t exist.

So as I lit my white candle (since I had no orange to speak of, and white is a good all purpose one) and my dragons blood incense I listed out loud the things I was afraid to face. I was brutally honest with myself–and that takes courage, because more than anything, we hide from ourselves; especially our faults. I said out loud the things I was afraid to face about myself. Because hearing them outloud gives them less power.

After that I turned on some relaxing music I closed my eyes and focused on my Intent.

And an interesting and amazing thing happened.

My fingers that I had pressed together started to thump. Or rather, my heart did. It was pulsing so hard I could feel it through my fingers stronger than I had previously. And it was methodical, like horses hooves striking the ground in rhythm. An image appeared in my mind then.

I was looking through the ears of a horse, sitting atop it as it cantered through a field. My heart beat in tandem with the horses hooves. I was 12 again, running a horse through a field, not sure if I was me, or the horse.

I felt alive. I smiled as I the muscles of the horse bunched under me so it could go faster. I leaned forward, always staring between the horses ears at the horizon in front of me. I felt the wind in my hair. I felt the joy and pure abandon that I always feel when a horse runs. And then a voice spoke. It said:

“Remember this. Remember the rush of going towards your target with confidence and joy. Always look straight at your goal, but be aware of all around you. You trust the horse to carry you forward, and it trusts you to keep it steady. You must trust that you will arrive to your target, because you are confident in your skill. Remember the courage it takes to trust.”

I stayed on that horse, riding it and remembering how confident I was when I ride. In horse riding you need to look between the horse’s ears, because even the slightest movement from your body turning left or right will cause the horse to turn that direction. And your body follows your eyes. So you look between.

Icelandic Horse. My teachers and my best friends.

Trusting takes courage. Trusting in yourself, and trusting on your reliance of others, and trusting you’ll make your goals in the future. But you have to trust that future, and yourself. And you have to have the courage to accept that trust, and to give it.

When  I was done meditating and riding I found my pulse was back down to hardly noticeable between my fingertips. It was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. Whenever I worry if I can reach my future goals, I’ll remind myself:

Always keep your goal in between the horse’s ears.

Thursday Meditation: Action!

Today I wasn’t able to do a real meditation as life took over! I didn’t even have time to recall what influences were today, so busy was I! But when I got home late this evening and looked it up in my BOS, low and behold, one of the influences of today was ‘desire’. And you know what? Without even trying I had actual put that in action–I even wore one of the colors associated with today! How’s that for magical!?

So today is about action. Have the intents you’ve put forth this week made an impact in your every day life? I know they have for me! For the first time in months I had the desire and the focus (oh universe, you’re so funny!) to sit down and start fixing and finishing the novel I’m working on. I didn’t even need to mediate apparently! Tomorrow I’ll definitely mediate–and send a little thank you and love to the powers that be upstairs!

Since I still had time, I burned some cinnamon on some charcoal and continued to write! Because I have to keep this desire up! Blessed be everyone!

Day: Thursday

Planet: Jupiter

Colors: blue, indigo, purple

Herbs/Oils: cinnamon, cinquefoil, musk, nutmeg, sage

Influences: health, honor, luck, riches, clothing, money, legal maters, desires

Meditation: None!

Tuesday: Bringing in Focus for the Present


Hello everyone! Today is Tuesday and as part of my “get back into the swing of the universe” I’m starting daily mini blogs of intentions set for the day, using (as close as I can) the correspondences for that. I used to do it when I lived on my own and found my days tended to be more centered and magical, so I hope this helps you as well!

As an aside: I took this idea of ‘setting intentions for the day’ from my Yoga class. I thought it was such a lovely practice that I wanted to use it for my daily life as well. Having an intention to help set the tone of your day is helpful, I think! Now onward to the mini blog!

tuesdayalter1Day: Tuesday 

Planet: Mars

Colors: Red, Orange

Herbs/Oils: Patchouli, Dragons Blood, Basil

Influence: dynamic energy, matrimony, war, enemies, hunting, surgery, courage, politics, contests

Intent of the Day: Focus

Lately I’ve been having problems focusing on things. My future. My projects. Even just focusing on being in the moment! Sometimes we get so wrapped up thinking about the past or the future (like me!) that we don’t stop to appreciate the now. So today I decided to use the ‘dynamic energy’ of this day to do that! I lit  my orange candle, lighted my Dragons Blood incense, and anointed myself with the ‘Helping Hand’ oil blend I bought from The Eye of the Cat. I needed all the help I could I get with this!

Here is the little meditation I created! I hope it helps you as much as it did for me! It’s easy peasy because honestly? I really suck at hard core meditating. This is perfect for a ten minute breather! Enjoy!

Breath in deeply and fill your lungs with clean air(if you’re by a window like I was, this is easy!), imagine it rushing through your whole body and brightening it. Hold that breath for three seconds. When you hold your breath, build up any emotions you don’t need, any that aren’t serving your purpose, into that hold. Then exhale. Let those emotions leave your body with your breath. Anger, fear, worries….let it go with your exhale. Do this as many times as you need until you feel relatively calm.

Next, stare into your lighted candle for a moment and set your intention to Focus on the Present. Or whatever it is you need for that day. For this practice, it’s focus on the present. Stare into the light for a minute or two before closing your eyes. (don’t stare longer than 10 minutes!) Don’t worry about your breathing. Just keep yourself in the present.

If you’re like me when you close your eyes thoughts will drift by. Don’t worry, that’s okay! Let them have a place in your mind for a moment and then gently move them on. Today your intent is Focusing on being present. Experiencing the moment and joy of now. In this meditation its actually okay for you to be aware of things outside your body as well, because you’re focusing on the ‘now’. Feel your toes, feel the ground beneath you. you are here. You exist in this moment and place. You are part of the earth and the day and the time.

Think about that for a few minutes, then open your eyes. Do you feel ready to focus on your day and not let thoughts of the past distract you? Or the worries of the future rule you? No? Then you did great!

Today I felt more more in myself and in my head and grounded than I have in a few weeks! I can’t wait to see what tomorrows Intention will be!