The Creative Witch

Forgive the *counts* Oops. Two weeks of non writing. My bad! Life last week was just one big gogogogogoooo week. In four days I got 6 hours of sleep. So uh. There was that. And then this week was one big whirl-wind of life and some interesting surprises!

I’m an artist by trade, and something that I’m creating that was supposed to be fun and small and unpretentious has suddenly turned into a production. And I’m not even joking about that! My little ‘idea’ was so well received that people with far more skill and technical abilities than myself stepped forward and have sort of semi-taken it over. Where once I would be filming with a camera is now being replaced by a professional. And now there will be a set. A SET. So. Yes.

This is what I get for having very talented art friends in high places. Who’d of thunk it?! But I’m grateful for it! I’m grateful that my idea has spawned ideas for other creatives and inspired them to do art!…..I just hope it doesn’t get much more over blown than it has, because I’m by no means an actor!

So that’s why this week I’ve been busy. But you know what? I should have seen it coming. I realize now that all of the meditating and focusing on creative-ness would have opened the cosmos up to me and poured into it creativity. I’m so thankful for it universe! I hope you never stop! Because all this art and being surrounded by artists is really amazing!

I do believe an offering of thanks is due! I know what I’m going to do tomorrow!

I hope all of you have been given some sort of opening in the universe as well! I hope that any blocks you’ve had are released so that you can make way for new and better things in your life!

Blessed Be!