The Goddess’s Lullaby

I wrote this a few years ago, inspired by a gray day and resting my feet in a creek. I was lucky enough to have brought paper and pen, and I’m pretty sure the little pixies of the woods helped out! I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I had fun writing it! Happy Friday!

If you wish to put the poem on your website, that’s just fine! Just please link it back to here. Thanks so much!


Within me dwells the earth and sky

The knowing winds and mountains high.

Behind my eyes are the stars and moon

My love for all glows back at you.

The veins flow with the rivers and lakes

My hair the pattern tangled branches make.

The heart it makes the ocean tides

and causes mountains to collide.

Within me dwells the dusky sky

The restless winds your lullaby

And gentle ponds your pillow will be

My arms the dark soil that covers thee.

And here and there a star will fall

to paint a picture on your wall

And tell you stories of long ago

When the world was young and

the universe old.


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