Getting Rid of Anger (The Pagan Way!)

We all have a person (or persons) that knows exactly how to push our buttons. You know, the one that makes you go zero to sixty on the ‘I’ve-turned-into-a-person-scarier-than-a-mega-volcano’ scale. And as we sit in our now destroyed rooms breathing fire and brimstone like Pele on a rampage, we think to ourselves ‘why do I let this person get to me!?’

It’s a good question that you really should look at. Why DO you let this person get to you? Anger is one of the emotions we use more than anything else. People (witches included!) even use it to relate to others, like being angry at a movie plot, or talking about a rude comment you both overheard someone make. The point is, often times we let anger be our driving force, or help keep it going by saying negative comments about a person or situation.

what I do behind people's backs when they make stupid comments
what I do behind people’s backs when they make stupid comments

 As a pagan we are taught to release anger when a person makes a snide comment about you, but often times it involves meditations, or spells, or groundings, and things that don’t seem very conductive to douse the fires of anger right away. Holding a rock in your hand to take in your anger just doesn’t seem to do it either (in fact, you probably crushed that rock to smithereens). So how do you get rid of your anger effectively? I come to you with three simple words to combat your anger:

Love and Light

That’s it. Those three words will save you time and energy. I, for instance, was angry that someone tried to drag me into a situation that wasn’t my own, I didn’t know what to do with myself or my misplaced anger. So after a pep talk from friends I went and sat and mediated on the anger. I didn’t WANT to be angry. I didn’t even want to be mad. And three words fell into my lap. Love and Light.

The moment I said it I felt a calmness come over me. I said it again and again. And the more I said it, the more at peace I felt. It helped me put things immediately into perspective. Why spend time being angry, when I could be spending it loving things and sending light out into the world? Anger is nasty, it makes other people angry, and I’m sure you’ve all been in a tense and uncomfortable room where two people are obviously seething with rage at each other. Not a fun place to be is it?

But say it out loud. Or in your head. Love and Light. For me, it helped me realize that when I say those words and MEAN them, I’m doing more good in the world than the people raging and casting around bitterness and anger. And those people who say or do awful things are doing it because they’re hurt or in pain. Or maybe they were even told horrible things about themselves by people like their family. The point is, they’re hurt. And rather than turning it around and making something positive (or perhaps don’t know how to), they allow the hurt, anger, fear, or whatever else they have going on to take control of them instead.

So the next time someone makes you mad, pushes your button, or lashes out, just say to yourself (Or maybe even to them, in a serene and now much calmer voice):

Love And Light

This may not be the way for every one, and I don’t claim it is, but I encourage you to say the words out loud and really think about their meaning, because you might find that its exactly what you needed to say. Blessed Be everyone!


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