Love Spells The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Love, as described in the dictionary is a noun meaning “A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.”

It is a feeling most people know well. The thrill, the rush. How your heart beats faster just hearing his/her name from someone else’s lips. The memory of them handing you your pencil and saying “you dropped this.” Was there ever a poem written more beautifully than those words!? Love in all forms is beautiful, whether from a significant other or a lick from your dog/cat. It has been recorded in history books throughout, and plays, that love is the greatest attainment. That it has the power to change the world (And it does, look at Napoleon and Josephine.), and topple mountains. Is it any wonder that hand in hand with this belief, came love spells?

Love spells have been around since humans have been able to make things. Even the ancients of Babylon and India had guaranteed potions and foods for you! Now, I know that many pagans (may I even say Wiccans?) out there who might be new, or hey, even old hats, have heard and read things that seem to contradict. “And it harm none, do what ye will” sayeth the rede. And that means not taking advantage of some ones free will. Yet book after book (especially for teens) has a portion of love spells in them. There are even whole books dedicated to the 1001 spells/potions to get a man/woman. Some pagans will tell you to NEVER EVER EVER DO LOVE SPELLS, as it is a dark practice, while others encourage it.

Is there a right way? A wrong way? Well…yes. Now, before I get attacked and thrown to very hungry sharks, let me explain. Many people ask “Well, can I MAKE someone love me? Because this spell here says I can.” Honestly? Yes. I’ve seen it done by a girl in the coven I was once in. The consequences were terrible, and she paid a VERY high price. She DID in fact, force another friend’s boyfriend to love her. It lasted only a few hours, but the damage was done. The boy had gone to his then girlfriend (my friend), crying and saying he didn’t know what had overcome him. They broke up, and the girl was banished from the coven, all ties broken. To this day, she has been unable to keep a loving relationship. This, dear readers, is what comes from forcing someone to love you.

There is power behind everything you do and say. Forcing someone to do something that is against their nature will only hurt you in ways that you can’t even begin to comprehend. So is there a way to get Sally/Sam to like you without forcing them? Why yes there is! Love spells do not necessarily need to be about FORCING the person to love you. You can do spells that make you appear more attractive/interesting to the opposite sex (its all there, you just haven’t shined yet!), or spells that might give you the courage to express your feelings to the person.  In fact, sometimes just wearing an oil made for attracting love to you along with focus can do it (no chant needed!) However, it is NEVER a good idea to force them. If they don’t notice you after the spell has been done (with intent and harm to none), then it wasn’t meant to be. You can also do spells that bring a PERSON you would like to date.

That doesn’t mean you bring a specific person to you. For instance, you don’t ask the gods to give you ‘Brian’. You ask for traits that you would like your prospective partner to have. One of THE most effect spells (and the simplest) is one that I have used on more than one occasion during my time being pagan, and I have had the results within half an of performing the spell (Any spells/recipies/oils I give you, I HAVE made/tried.).

I believe love is at its most powerful when it is least expected. That’s what makes love so wonderful! But waiting around and hoping it’ll come certainly never helped any one! If you are ready for a relationship, or want to just get out there in the dating scene, this spell will work for you faster than you can say “gummi bear!” There is no need to call quarters, but I would suggest casting a circle to keep out any influences or weird energies. All you need are the following:

1 pink candle (it can be any size, I use chime candles)

A piece of paper

A Pen

After casting your circle, take your paper and write down all of the attributes you are looking for in your soon to be mate and then fold it three times. You CAN add love oil to this, if you want, but its really only for ‘umph’. Light the pink candle and invoke a goddess of love (I personally use Aphrodite, and BOY does she come through super fast! I’ve also used Angus (Irish God). He took a couple of weeks, but I met a wonderful guy through him.) or you can use any goddess/god of your choosing that deals with love. Once invoked offer your list to the goddess/god (meaning, burn it. Please make sure you do this in a safe area, like your kitchen! If you can’t, then put it in a drawer where you will forget about it. The spell takes a little longer, but it’s still very effective). Thank the goddess/god and let the candle burn out.

That’s it! It works anywhere from three days to three weeks (depending on who you ask for help and how far away your potentials are). If for some reason it doesn’t work, perhaps now isn’t the time to be looking for love, and you should really check if you’re in a good point in your life to be in a relationship.

In my opinion (based on my morals and research) there IS a correct way to do love spells, and as long as it isn’t impeding on anyone’s free will, it is perfectly acceptable to do them. Anything that requires you to force someone to love you is not only dangerous it’s wrong. In the end, they aren’t loving YOU, they’re loving whatever the potion is making them see and feel. And that isn’t ANY way to live a life. For you or the other person. So if you’re going to do a love spell, and you find one that says “make the man/woman of your dreams fall in love with you” don’t walk, RUN.

Remember, love is something that should move mountains, make you giggle like an idiot when you see them, and make your day seem brighter and the world better.

*NOTE: Please remember to put ONLY POSITIVE things. I did a list once that had things that I ‘didn’t want’ as well. But the gods gave me everything I had written down (a joke maybe??), and instead I got a stalker (I had written, ‘not clingy’. Oh boy!). So its very important to learn from my dumbness, and NOT put negative things on the paper.


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