Protective Candles

I love this time of year.  The time of year when the air starts to get cooler, the rains start to come (although not here in California, sadly!), and the air is filled with the scent of damp leaves, pavement and soil. Fall is my favorite time of the year followed by winter and spring. But Fall….I could write sonnets about it. I won’t of course, because this isn’t a post about sonnets! My point is that it’s fall, and that means its time for prepping, to be ready for a long winter and cozy living. Knitting up blankets and socks to keep warm, stocking food, craving stews and meat….and protection. That’s right, you totally have to stock up on protection! It sounds silly, but think about it: You’re going to be hoveled up in your home because its getting colder, and that means that other things are crawling out of the woods to join you. Some of them are cute fluffy bunnies–and some of them aren’t. Also, spending all the time indoors with people….that can make you edgy.

You might start thinking about how much your younger or older sibling is annoying you and how fun it would be to just hack her hair off while she slept one night…..ahem! So to stave off the entities that you might not want staying with you through the winter months, or to ease any negative feelings that begin to build from having to spend a lot of close time with family, we prep! Black candles are phenomenal for getting rid of unwanted negative energies, but if you just HAVE to craft (I get the itch to do mega crafting right around this time) then this is the perfect thing for you to do! This is an especially good project if you like candles but don’t want to spend hours dipping them by hand! I haven’t made these in candle stick form, but I might try my hand at it someday! For now, here’s something that’s easy, and makes great gifts as well as using for yourself!




White votive candles

Sage (I used white and sweet sage that I gathered from the back hills and were charged by the full moon. But you can also use different herbs that are protective, like Bay)

Oil (optional)

A baking tray (or coffee brewer. Remove the coffee pot and use the heating pad)



First, cleanse the votive candles with incense, as you want to remove any energies that it might have held onto. These are magical candles after all Incense wise you can use a charcoal one and put on frankincense or Myrrh. Or if you’re me, I used a cedar incense stick! You pass each votive through the smoke and say:


By Fire and Air I release all past energies and negativity. 

So mote it be


Once you’ve cleansed all your candles pass your herbs through the smoke and say the same thing as above to remove any past energies. I didn’t have to do this step, as my sage had already been blessed and charged with moon energy when I made my own smudger. Now comes the fun part! Go to your kitchen and place the cookie sheet length wise across the front and back burner. Have the flame be on fairly low. I put mine on the 2. It’ll take a couple of minutes, but it’ll happen quickly once the wax starts melting. As a note, you’re melting them so you don’t have to spend an hour hand dipping things! See how nice I am!?

IMG_1922  IMG_1921

Once they’ve completely melted carefully (with mitts on!) take the tray off the burner and put it on the counter. DO NOT REMOVE THE CANDLES FROM THE COOKIE TRAY! Learn from my mistakes witchlings! Learn! Also, seperate them at this point, so that the metal isn’t touching each other (like in the pictures) so that cool air can circulate and actually cool the candles off! Next you’re going to add in however much oil you’d like (you don’t have to do this. I made these for a friend whose having issues and felt these needed to be super strong!), then some of the sage or herbs of your choice.


Once you’ve put in the herbs and oil wait for them to turn milky white. Not completely solid. It should be squishy feeling. Again, learn from my mistakes! I tried to transfer them onto the counter to cool off faster and instead ended up with spilled wax. Ugh. Just have patience and common sense (unlike me). In all I think it takes about 3 to 5 minutes for them to turn milky-ish. Once they’re a milky color, add in more herbs on top. Trust me, they’ll stick! You can even press them in a bit.


Also, have a chopstick or a thin thing to retrive the candle wicks. They’ll float down an bit and could become in cased, so when the lights are milk colored and you’re putting in your herbs, look for the wick and pull it up, otherwise you don’t have a candle! After they’ve cooled you can do what you like with them! Pack them up to use for later on in the season if something unwanted comes in (or you have a fight), or send them to friends and loved ones as gifts! These are great little candles and I can see making all sorts of different kinds of candles from them for different reasons and seasons! Make as many of these as you’d like (or have herbs/candles for)!  I wish you luck and hope I’ve helped stock up your pagan cupboard a little more for coming fall and winter!



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