A Modern Witch

Hello all! There are a lot of pagan blogs out there in the blogosphere, but it’s always nice to have variety right!? And of course you can always cross reference to really make sure what you’re reading is true…..but anyways! I’m writing this blog not just for you guys (whoever you are!), but for myself as well, as a way of keeping my practice alive and from slipping back into “maybe I’ll do it later…”. I realized that over the past four months I’ve really stopped doing ‘crafty’ things of any nature. No lighting candles, no spells, no meditation–nothing! So I’m trying to get back on the broomstick and this is my accountability board if you will! This blog will also be a sort of on-line Book of Shadows, with recipes, crafts, rituals, and other such things that will be free for all of you to use! However if you do use any recipe or craft, please refer it back to me! Thank you!

Just a wee bit about myself now! I’ve been pagan for a little over 14 years, and started  at the enchanting age of 13. Fitting, right? I’ve had wonderful experiences with my fist coven as a teen–they were a very serious minded set–and wonderful memories of the pagan community, so I’m hoping to give back and share! I was always naturally kind of ‘witchy’, and I often call myself the ‘accidental witch’ because both my parents weren’t pagan, but raised me with pagan ideals. For example, my dad convinced me as a toddler that plants and animals could talk to me if I only listened, and my mom encouraged me to go to as many different religions as I could so that I could appreciate them and not judge (and that coming from a baptist woman!). So by the time I did meet a coven I was already well converted into the path of nature! But finding them was one of the best things to happen in my life, because for once all of the things I did I thought were crazy or something no one else experienced, were no longer so! I wasn’t alone! So I hope this blog can give some of that feeling to you readers.

You aren’t alone. You’re thoughts, experiences, and feelings are not weird or wrong. And I hope I can be there to help!


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